Tulip Talks Recruitment

People join organisations because of the people that already work there. On that basis, imagine having those key members of your organisations talk about all the reasons why they love working there and what the company is really like to work for. What attracted them to the business and the career opportunities are genuinely available. Now imagine your internal recruitment teams being able to share all of this in a podcast for your perspective employees to listen to. Here I use my 20 years of recruitment experience to ensure you sell the idea of working for your business in the best possible way. I can advise you on what’s unique about your business and what is going to get people wanting to come and work for you. Ultimately this is an opportunity for people to listen to the culture of your business. This can be shared directly to perspective employees, or sent viral on your social media platforms via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

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Tulip Talks Onboarding

Having worked in recruitment for over 20 years I know that the most important thing for a new employee is how quickly they integrate with the team. Imagine them being able to feel like they’ve already had internal catch ups before they even start! Here I produce individual podcasts for each division of your business enabling new starters to learn exactly what each department does and how they can help them succeed in their role. On the flip side, for key hires, I would record a one on interview with them that can be listened to by everyone in the business so that they feel that they know somebody before they have even met them. This then means that those face-to-face introductions can delve much deeper with both parties already knowing the basics about one and other. All of this would be uploaded on your internal network and kept private for obvious reasons.

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Tulip Talks Sales

This is a piece of content that I would create on behalf on an organisation looking to increase sales. This could be a one-off podcast, or a monthly update to send out to your existing customers or potential new ones. With the world moving faster and faster, people haven’t always got the time to go through a brochure or trawl through your website to find out exactly what it is that you do, nor can you always catch people on the phone to have that important conversation. Providing something that they can listen on their daily commute or whilst they exercise is a unique and innovate way to market your business. I will interview and record conversations with key members of your team to produce a soundbite that delivers a consistent and authentic message. This is a great way of ensuring you cast the net as wide as possible by having something that can be listened to, shared and ultimately responded to. Its then your choice to decide if it’s something you send out directly or if it is made publicly available via Spotify, Apple podcasts, or Google Play.

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Having headhunted candidates for over 20 years, I’ve become an expert at getting people on the hook and eager to be included in the search I am carrying out. Having this all available as a bespoke podcast, including the voice of the hiring manager themselves and key members of the team is a fool proof way of giving yourself the best possible chance of attracting the best talent in the market. In addition, with candidate consent, I can record segments of my interviews with them to enable me to produce a shortlist that you as a client can listen to instead of read. For example, this could be questions you would want me to ask them without having time to prepare to find out who they really are. I have many clients that take a long time to respond to a shortlist because they either don’t have the time to go through the resumes or they simply can’t see on paper what differentiates each candidate. This eliminates that issue as you can simply listen to the shortlist at your leisure and get a feel for the candidates helping you choose which ones you would like to meet first.

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Tulip Talks for Candidates

You may have already spent time (and money) creating a resume that simply isn’t getting you the interviews you were hoping for. You may feel “if only you could just tell your story about who you are and what value you could add to a business then you’d stand a better chance at securing that role” Well, this is your opportunity. I can work with you to ensure you sell yourself in the best way possible, and ill record it and produce a podcast for you that is all about… you. Imagine applying for a role and having a link to this soundbite with it, with all your greatest achievements for them to hear. This is a truly unique way to make you stand out from all of the other candidates that have applied for the role. I deal with hiring managers all the time that don’t know where to start when going thorough multiple resumes. Well how about the one that you can listen to?

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